Depression & Anxiety

That Old Familiar Feeling…

The other night, I felt a familiar feeling begin to creep up on me. I sensed it crawling up my spine and slowly branch out across my back and over my shoulders, encircling its arms around me, tightening its vice-like grip…

That old familiar feeling of anxiety was back.

While I’m getting much better at identifying when it hits, I don’t always clue in quickly enough to try and stop it from taking over.

What did I have to be anxious about that night? Absolutely nothing!

So, what was up? Why did overtake me if everything was fine?

Examine What Leads Up To An Anxiety Attack

I think it’s important when we are dealing with anxiety that we take a step back and examine what leads up to an attack. For me, the other night, I realized that I had been comparing myself to others. Basically, I was comparing my beginning to their middle or end results. How crazy is that?

The more I think about the situation, the more I feel that the enemy was pushing my buttons, and even though I know how crazy it is to compare myself to where someone is in their walk, in their life, with where I am, I let the deceiver whisper in my ear.

And I found myself believing him.

But not now. As I sat reflecting and writing down my thoughts on the situation that night, I honestly felt the anxiety slipping away. I felt myself coming to my senses.

Stop Comparing Myself!

For me, comparing myself (which is not something we should be doing in the first place) to others is never a good thing. It never ends well for me, and I usually end up anxious or depressed, or both.

I’ve been guilty, in the past and even the present, of looking toward an end, a solution or what have you, and wanting that result and then feeling like a failure because I am not there, I’m not where I want to be. What I fail to look at, or remember, is that in order to get the end results, I need to take the necessary steps to get there.

A Long Process

Usually, results don’t happen over night. Sometimes it’s a long, hard process; other times the journey is quicker. But regardless of how long it takes, The journey must begin with a single step, followed by another and another until we get to the solution, the end, the goal.

How many times do we, as humans, desire something and then when the going gets tough, or we realize the process is going to take us much longer than we anticipated, do we give up instead of pushing on? I’ve read, or heard, of a saying (I can’t recall where, though) that talks about how if we really want to achieve something, we will put the necessary work into it.

Put One Foot In Front of the Other

So now, in order to get to the place I wish I was at (the results I am desiring), I need to put one foot in front of the other, so to speak, and do whatever it takes if I want to succeed and see my dreams come to fruition.

And, a day or so later, I took the next step down a new path. It’s scary and exciting, but I’m doing it!

How do you head off an anxiety attack? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “That Old Familiar Feeling…

  1. This was a great post, sis. Anxiety and depression are so very real and the enemy pulls this one out of his arsenal over and over again against those who have or do suffer from its debilitating effects.

    So often, it is nothing short of the grace of God which has pulled me out of the darkest pits (including even now). I fully relate to what you’re saying, 100%.

    I believe the more we do become aware of what we’re thinking about, feeling the familiar clenching and tensions in our bodies, the more Holy Spirit can lead us into His truth – the opposite of fear being His love. Fear/anxiety/worry is always a lie. All those insidious thoughts from the pit of Hell, they drag us further and further down until we don’t even realize what hit us.

    As you brilliantly pointed out – the sooner we recognize what’s happening, the sooner we can take authority in Christ and stop the downward spiral. Christ is the key. It’s seldom easy but what a difference surrender makes.

    Thank you for spreading hope, love and awareness of this *very* critical topic in the body of Christ. You are loved ❤❤❤


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